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    • Cal’s Fruit Wine

      Tag Line: “Bakes it better”

      This product is a consumer favorite and provides a balanced blend of dried grapes, raisons and other ingredients which then goes through a fermented process.

      Comes in three sizes: 750ml, 1.5 litre and 1 gallon.

      Our fruit wine was an immediate hit for those in the kitchen. Its contents already includes fruits so for those that don’t like their fruit cakes with pieces of fruit, this is the wine for you. this product is also great for sauces in pot roast.

      See our Cal’s Kitchen for recipes with this product.

    • Real Vibes

      Tag Line: “Feel the vibes”

      With the success of our fruit wine, we realized there may be a market with a small adaptation of this product. Real Vibes was the result and was launched in 2009 to a welcoming market. Real Vibes has become quite the street favorite and has even created a by-product known as Ginger Vibes.

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